Friday, November 10, 2006


What Jonah's unfuniness tells us about society

People are puzzling over Jonah's Bush-as-bear-hunter comment yesterday. It was obvious, to me, that he was making an effort at teh funnay, but I've evidently read enough of his stuff to appreciate his allusive (or maybe elusive) rapier wit.

His post did for humor what K-Fed did for rap, of course, so that's not really worth commenting on in itself.

But it wouldn't be liberal punditry if I didn't make an effort to explain that his supposed individual failing wasn't actually the fault of society. So here goes.

Goldberg, like the president, is a product of the liberal spare-the-rod, if-it-feels-good-do-it culture. Their political opinions were determined, and their career paths smoothened, for them before they were born. They’ve been spoiled for life, isolated from the consequences of their actions by the system of patronage and lowered expectations that comprise today’s conservatism. So after all this time, how could either be expected to look at his own body of work and realize it's drivel?

It’s not their fault.

Blame their permissive conservative upbringing.

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