Thursday, January 25, 2007


Sometimes it's easier to feign outrage than to defend your children against personal attacks

Dick Cheney stares down Wolf Blitzer, pretending that it's "out of line" to ask for his reaction to conservative criticism of his (gay) daughter's pregnancy.

He's either lying or deluding himself, of course.

Mary Cheney is a public figure. She worked for the Cheney-Bush campaign and for gay Republican organizations. She wrote a book. Just recently, the citizens of her home state, Virginia, have amended the constitution to curtail the legal rights of Mary Cheney and her partner. Reports of-- and reactions to-- her pregnancy have been widely available public knowledge for over a month.

Despite all these inconvenient facts, "If It Feels Good Do It" Dick knew that it was more politically beneficial to feign outrage than to defend his own daughter against personal attacks from his political allies.


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