Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Unusually despicable commentary from the Corner

The attorneys working pro bono for the accused (or not accused, but detained anyway) in Guantanamo are "helping terrorists avoid providing life-saving intelligence to our war fighters," writes Andy McCarthy, in the latest salvo of a continuing debate over just how evil it is not to take the government's word for it and allow them to indefinitely detain and mistreat whoever they want for no publicly expressed reason.

Mainstream conservative punditry, casually and lazily defending torture and refusing to acknowledge any facts that might suggest fallibility when it comes to our treatment of Guantanamo detainees, would be perfectly at home defending Stalin. It's a fragile, through-the-looking-glass patriotism, based on knee-jerk defense of any action taken in the name of national security, regardless of efficacy or morality.

Oh, how nice, Cliff May stops by to advance a General Theory of Wingnuttery: "perhaps the reason you have seen only innuendo regarding the various law firms at Gitmo derives from the fact that the MSM is highly selective about which issues are worth investigating."

So, any imagined scandal or dastardly act is plausible, because the MSM loves evil and hides it from us.

Cliff May could be on the take from al Qaeda, advocating actions that diminish American capability and moral standing in the world, but the corporate-owned MSM wouldn't tell us that.

So, because my fantasized version of the world with Cliff May accepting payments from al Qaeda allows me to hate more people and be pleased with my own righteousness, it's almost certainly true.

Amazing, isn't it, how fast due process and the right to a rigorous defense got chucked by "conservatives."
Right, rueful.

You know, there was a time when conservatives professed a belief in limited government, rather than an unflinching belief in the infallibility of government.

As long as you use the magic words, "terrorism" or "communism," you're allowed to hate freedom. Americans' freedom.
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