Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Dan Shaughnessy Watch

Shaughnessy asserts today that the problem with Boston fans is their irrational, unconditional love for anyone in a home uniform. He wrote yesterday that by trading for Randy Moss, the Pats were abandoning their positive image.

On the other side of the debate, former Moss teammate Cris Carter says, "People are going to be pleasantly surprised. He does need structure, and he's got that there. Randy is not going to have a problem because of what they have as far as structure with the players and the front office and the coach." Tom Brady restructured his contract to allow cap room for the trade.

And safety Rodney Harrison said, "When Corey Dillon came in, everyone thought he was an outlaw. He proved otherwise. When I came in, everyone thought I was an outlaw, ruthless. I think I proved that otherwise. Let's get a chance to know the guy before we make any judgments. If he comes in and is selfish, there are going to be problems. But if he has the right attitude, it will be huge for us. I've always said, if he comes in, doesn't work hard, and acts like a prima donna, it's not going to work. [Moss, unlike, say, Terrell Owens, is making just $3 million and joining a team with a clear identity. He could easily and painlessly be cut if he misbehaves--E.E.] But if he puts the team first and works hard, he has the talent to do special things for us. It comes down to the small things, and buying into what we're all about here."

Obviously Shaughnessy is incapable of doing any reporting-- he just formulates an obnoxious opinion, then types it out with as much condescension and self-involvement as he can cram in.

But would it kill him to read the paper? You know, the one he works for?

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